ADDRESSAmstelveenseweg 500, 1081 KL Amsterdam


BenninkAmar is the only Dutch firm entirely specialised in sanctions, export controls, white collar crime and other trade law matters.

We appreciate the complexity of the legal fields in which we operate and aim to give as speedy and practical advice as possible enabling our clients to get back to business fast.

At BenninkAmar we provide all possible services and assistance, including:

  • Advice on sanctions and export control, including the export of dual-use and military goods, software and technology;
  • Advice in respect of specific transactions;
  • General and case-specific compliance advice;
  • Drafting and implementation of compliance policies and procedures (trade laws, anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption);
  • Drafting contractual clauses;
  • Civil, administrative and criminal litigation;
  • Advise on custom duties, including procedures for importing and exporting goods to and from the EU;
  • Product classifications and classification requests; and
  • License applications.